Ngulik ML Injector Apk Download for Android 2022

Ngulik ML Injector apk
Apk File Details
App Name: Ngulik ML Injector
Developer Bahran Kemal
Size: 10 MB
Version: 8.0
Latest Updated: August 03, 2022

Ngulik ML Injector Apk is an MLBB game utility hack tool. For all of your character classes, including marksman, mage, fighter, assassin, and tank, it offers some great skins, just like any other injector hack program, as you are probably well aware.

Having a drone is a cool thing. However, the drone view in this app will replace the game’s default drone view. It offers a zoom angle of up to 7x, increasing your view of the battlefield and enabling you to clearly see who is approaching you from all sides.

By installing and using the combat effects offered in this program, you may now simply fulfil your dream of altering the effects that your character generates while attacking or recalling.

Although having a unique frame for your profile photo is great, only professional players may use this benefit. But don’t worry; the Ngulik ML Injector ApK gives you a choice to have a higher-level profile photo frame.

However, the creators claim that utilizing any program like this is unauthentic. Therefore, to be safe and prevent having your user ID blocked… While activating this software, I advise utilizing a VPN. While using it, no new problems will emerge. As it is a free service, you must download and include it in your game. Then begin the game to enjoy free, premium gaming! So get Ngulik ML Injector ApK right away!

Ngulik ML Injector ApK features:

  • User Interface: Although not the finest feature of the software, the user interface serves its purpose. Despite not being particularly attractive, the stunts are well-organized.
  • Additionally, every variation of each hack is classified and sub-categorized.
  • All adjustments and skin injections, including Epic, Limited, and Special, are fully functional.
  • Thanks to the anti-ban support, your account won’t be suspended for utilizing these tactics. Because it has built-in capabilities for blocking users.
  • Lightweight – The application is small and uses little RAM.
  • Supports All Versions – If you’re still using an earlier version of Machine Learning, this software also works.
  • No Adverts: There aren’t any annoying ads in the program.
  • Free of Charge – The majority of hacks require payment to operate. Since they are run by service, utilities must be manually set to your gaming account. However, it is cost-free because Ngulik ML Injector ApK is an entirely automated solution.

Ngulik ML Injector ApK Download and Installation Instructions:

  1. Start by downloading the most recent APK for Android.
  2. Before beginning the installation, navigate to “SETTINGS > SECURITY > UNKNOWN SOURCES” and enable it.
  3. Install the app next.
  4. When the installation button appears and the system asks for your approval, simply click it.
  5. The APK icon will appear on your smartphone’s home screen after the installation procedure is complete.
  6. The program should then be “Opened.”
  7. Click “Unlock All Skin” after that.
  8. Then, all the skins—Assassin, Fighter, Marksman, Mage, and Tank—will be visible.
  9. Tap any heroes you see now.
  10. Next, touch the area of skin where you plan to inject.
  11. Wait a moment, please.
  12. Appreciate applications


The drone map view is an intriguing feature of the multi-use Ngulik ML Injector ApK. It also offers premium skins and other adjustments. Because you don’t need to buy diamonds to obtain outfits for your favourite characters, this method helps you save actual money. The crucial point is that character must be unlocked to use skins.

If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website: APK Injectors.

AH Esports Injector Apk Download for Android 2022

AH Esports
Apk File Details
Developer AH.Esports
Size: 19MB
Version: 17.9
Latest Updated: 23 July 2022
AH Esports injector is primarily utilized in mobile legends and is available to Android users. You don’t need to worry about their security because it is a safe and secure program. Everyone enjoys playing Mobile Legends these days with their preferred skin, and each player pays close attention to the appearance of their heroes when engaging in combat. This tool will answer all of your questions and meet all of your expectations. Additionally, the major goals of AH Esports are to raise gaming standards and provide each player with a genuine skin for Mobile Legend. You can get a stunning background lobby and load with the aid of this program. It makes sense when you’re full of surprises. However, you’ll be astounded when you patch Mobile Legends bang bang with the AH Esports Injector program. In truth, every gamer needs a way to access the most valuable stuff privately and safely. Fans of ML are in luck in this case. They discovered the top apps in 2022, which were shockingly well-researched. But this time, it is evident from AH Esports’ behavior that it will eradicate them all. Millions of people play Mobile Legends, making it a hit game that is played worldwide. Then you should try the injector app called AH Esports Injector APK so that it will assist you in playing the game to a Next Level if you’re one of the million players on the ML and want to enjoy the game, use ideal Skins, and many other things that will make your game easier. We will encourage you to use this software if you want to receive free skins for the ML game. It offers all of the skins and can be used to instantly add skins to your ML primary account. Because of several Anti-banned Features, this app is safe to use.

Features of AH Esports Injector:

It is among the most trustworthy and secure injector programs for online gaming. With it, you may change Mobile Legends in every way. Here is a list of every hack that may be used to change the MLBB that is listed in the main menu.
  • It is a brand-new injector app that has only recently been made available to MLBB customers on APK iNJECTORS.
  • There are a lot of skilled cheaters out there.
  • The likelihood of an account ban is reduced by anti-detect and anti-ban measures.
  • Additionally, a list with each feature clearly segregated is provided.
  • The general design is simple to comprehend.
  • This mod program has undoubtedly gathered all types of freebies in one location.
  • Thanks to this ML equipment, you can easily defeat the hardest gamers.
  • No passwords, no adverts
  • only accessible to Android users.
  • It continues to operate in the background.
  • You’ll experience a lot more exciting qualities.

How to download and install AH Esports Injector tools?

Around the world, people download and install games and other programs from the Google Play Store. Apps that encourage cheating are not permitted in the Google Play Store. Only unofficial websites can be used to download this tool. Remember that the link needs to be current to work with future game updates. Here, we offer a download link that is both current and functional. Players can acquire this amazing utility by following these easy steps. To get the AH Esports APK, click the provided link. It will be downloaded quickly. Go to the security settings on your Android phone and enable the “unknown sources” setting.
  • Click the downloaded file and provide permission after it has been activated.
  • Once more, everything will be installed and ready to use in no time.


It is unquestionably among the best injectors. If you’re still interested in using AH Esports after reading the entire article, just click the download link to install it on your Android device and gain free access to all of the game’s premium features. You may download and instantly inject all the cheats after installing the software. Once you use this injector, your task will be completed. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website: APK Injectors

Altlove Gaming Injector Apk Free Download for Android 2022

Altlove Gaming Injector ApK
Apk File Details
App Name: Altlove Gaming Injector
Developer: Altlove Gaming
Size: 18MB
Version: 1.0
Latest Updated: 3 July 2022
Altlove Gaming Injector ApK is a fantastic hacking tool for Mobile Legends that enables free skin unlocking. You can unlock free ML skins for Android smartphones using many different applications. Every software offers different features, though. As a result, this tool will also be a little different for you. I’ve chosen to let readers know about this application as a result. Aside from that, you should be aware that this program is a hacking tool for machine learning. As a result, we don’t recommend using it. But whether you choose to utilize it or not is now entirely up to you. Altlove Gaming Injector ApK is available now, and we’ve got the most recent version. By using the provided link at the bottom of this page, you may download it. In Mobile Legends, we all desire free features and the ability to earn unique Skins, outfits, characters, and other goods. But there is a tonne of applications available for that. As a result, it is challenging for users to obtain the needed tools. However, this thorough analysis will assist you in determining whether or not you should download it. Sincerely, one of the finest resources for obtaining free MLBB heroes and outfits is this program. On YouTube, there is a tonne of videos, strategies, and other resources you may use to earn limitless diamonds in ML. However, the majority of those are completely bogus and useless. Because we test them on our Android smartphones, we can give our readers superior, fully functional apps. We thus consider this software to be valuable and fully functional. So, we’ve made the decision to tell you guys about it. The devices listed in the table below that run Android OS are also compatible with this. As a result, you may look at the information in that table. In addition, we’ll show you how to utilize it correctly on an Android smartphone. As a result, if you wish to utilize it correctly, I advise reading the instructions. This third-party injector application is not associated with or a part of the official Mobile Legends game. As a result, there is no assurance that it is secure. As a result, you use it at your own risk, and we won’t be held liable for any problems. The fact that people may download and utilize it without spending a dime is the nicest part. Additionally, there are no premium features or additional fees. Altlove Gaming Injector ApK  is a straightforward program that functions to reveal heroes or their outfits. You can get it on your phone if you’re seeking an app similar to this. Therefore, visit the link provided after this article.

Altlove Gaming Injector ApK features include:

  • Receive an infinite number of legendary epic skins for free.
  • It doesn’t have a difficult registration procedure.
  • Your login information for the game is not required.
  • The ability to download skins is unrestricted.
  • Before downloading any skins, you may examine them all in preview mode.
  • Altlove Gaming Injector ApK  works with all ML editions.
  • Both phones with and without root access may use it.
  • The app’s intuitive user interface.
  • easy to navigate
Altlove Gaming Injector ApK  is a little bit illegal to inject skins in the Mobile Legends, and your account may be banned occasionally. Use the app carefully and professionally. To run ML games on banned devices, you may use free fire IMEI, nonetheless.

What is the Altlove Gaming Injector Apk download process?

  • Open it after the downloading and installation are finished.
  • Choose your preferred skins from the list provided.
  • You’ll go on to the following page.
  • The app will immediately inject it into the MLBB as the download is finished.
  • You are going to change things. Have fun playing.
  • Read the simple instructions below to obtain the apk file.
  • Clicking the link on the download button will allow you to first download the Altlove Gaming Injector ApK file.
  • After the file was downloaded, a pop-up window appeared on your smartphone asking for permission to provide the app access to all of your permissions from an unknown source.
  • Your Android phone has now been configured to run your app.
  • the application
  • Your choice option is injected.
  • Enjoy the newest skins and characters in your game.


Are you an MLBB (Mobile Legend Bang Bang) player that desires free access to all features? You have this chance thanks to Altlove Gaming Injector ApK. Get your preferred characters and skins with only one click. Instantly download it, give it a go on your Android device, and witness the magic. Please use caution since a third party built this application. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you experience any volutin. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website: APK Injectors.

WG Map Injector Apk Download Free for Android 2022

WG Map Injector Apk
Apk File Details
App Name: WG Map Injector
Developer: Worst Gaming
Size: 4MB
Version: 1.0
Latest Updated: 5 July 2022
WG Map Injector Apk is the most recent and powerful Android application for MLBB players. Suppose you believe that WG Map Injector Apk is premium. In that case, there is no solution because many gamers can find modifications in the software today. Everyone around the globe may do the same. After using the premium app, you cannot use another garbage app on your Android phone. The WG Map Injector Apk team can choose to make the program available for free to Android users as a result. WG Map Injector Apk is a fantastic software for customizing mobile heroes’ skins. You may swap out character premium accessories and skins with the WG Map Injector Apk. The app is unique for those just starting off with no prior gaming knowledge. For mobile legends, WG Map Injector Apk provides features like background charge battle, background lobby, and contrast compatibility. You must test the rich app if you believe a die-hard MLBB fan. Five distinct mobile legend maps are available for download using the WG Map Injector Apk, which is simple to download and set up. Fans of this game genre now choose Mobile Legends: Bang Bang because there isn’t an official League of Legends on Android. It and LOL share certain similarities. Millions of gamers may now download brand-new maps that increase the potential of the original game thanks to the WG Map Injector. This card injection software functions just like the mobile legendary skin injectors. Navigate to the main menu of the app and look through the numerous maps that are available for download. The key characteristics of WG Map Injector Apk are as follows:
  • Five unique mobile legendary maps.
  • It works with MLBB’s most recent functionality.
  • Easy-to-use user interface.
  • To play, click and download.
Remember that the password you use to access the application must be a flatshare. Developers may, however, alter that. In this instance, we advise you to conduct a Google search. On your smartphone, are you engaged in any gaming? If so, you should download our app. The WG Map Injector ApK is a fantastic program for getting skins and heroes. Even though I’ve published hundreds of different injectors on our website, the software we’ve given you today will make your game far more enjoyable. You won’t be able to play Mobile Legend B Ban on your Android smartphone if you spend more time playing games. There are already around a thousand online games for gamers, with internet marketers dominating the list. Gamer life is more enjoyable. The WG Map Injector Apk program is what you need if you want to download premium skins for free. Using the technique, you may quickly obtain many free skins and injectors. Your smartphone may be used to play dynamic games. Your adversaries are simple to defeat.

WG Map Injector ApK features include:

  • 5 High-Quality Maps, free.
  • HDR Badlands Map
  • Map for League of Legends
  • Authentic Map
  • a road map
  • Simple and practical gadget.
  • It operates on a download and injects basis.
  • Enjoy a free utility with an easy user interface.
  • Additionally, suited to Mobile Legends’ most recent version.

WG Map Injector Apk installation instructions:

  1. The WG Map Injector Apk may be downloaded by clicking the icon above. The APK may be found in your browser’s “Downloads” section once the download is finished. You must first ensure that third-party applications are permitted on your phone before installing it.
  2. The steps to do this are mostly the same as those listed below. Go to menu > Settings > Security > and check for unknown sources if you want to enable your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  3. After completing the step above, select “Download” on your browser and tap the file after it has finished downloading. You can finish the installation process when a permission request appears.
  4. You can use the program normally when the installation is finished.


MLBB’s map injector is called Wg Map. A map is available for no cost. The most cutting-edge map hacking tool is this one. There are five new Maps in the most recent version. It offers a thorough list of maps. You might improve your skills and become a professional player with the aid of this tool. So start using this tool right immediately. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website: APK Download.

MSC Injector APK Download Free for Android 2022

MSC injector Apk
Apk File Details
App Name: MSC Injector
Developer: ML Script Hacker
Size: 54MB
Version: 1.1
Latest Updated: 4 July 2022
MSC Injector APK, a completely functional injector, is what I have right now. So keep reading this page, and I’ll provide you with a direct URL to get the most recent MSC Injector ApK version. The installation process and other features will then be discussed. MSC Injector ApK is a simple way to obtain free Mobile Legends Skins, Effects, and Backgrounds. A YouTuber with an MLBB Gaming channel created the app. By offering the Map hack that enables you to play the combat from the Sky View, it practically covers all the advantages of Drone View ML. MSC Injector APK might be a great option if you want to purchase a Special or Epic skin for one of your favourite Assassins or Marksmen. To keep you amused during the game, it also provides personalized Emotes. This injector has a much superior design to other injectors because of its slick user interface. However, the typefaces could be a bit overwhelming. Additionally, there is an in-app Backup function for when you inject skins incorrectly and need to restore your hero’s condition to normal. Skins are crucial, and your character’s appearance may reveal a lot about your playing ability. Fortunately, you can get additional skins through standard gameplay. On the other side, you may purchase epic skins, starlight skins, legend skins, special skins, and other skins. The MSC Injector APK is one of the top free resources for players searching for a free resource; however, as most players are. Get free access to all premium skins and more freedom to personalize your gaming characters.

Feature of MSC Injector Apk:

  • Skins: For ML characters, costumes are offered, including some epics like Starlight, Legend, and Special Skins.
  • Backdrop: There are several methods to alter the background design.
  • Drone view: The rearview feature lets you monitor potential adversaries. With the aid of the drone scene, this is fantastic.
  • Card Mercenary: You may switch up the battleground to deal with various challenges. You will be thrown into a variety of locations.
  • Analog: Modify the analogue in a new way to improve your gaming experience.
  • Nothing costs anything.
  • Make the scenery and the weapons your own.
  • High-end clothing is available.
  • Quick to respond and practical injector.
  • Very beneficial for progressing to the following level.
  • The preceding one came before this one.
  • It is also error-free and secure to use.

How Does the MSC Injector ApK Work?

  1. Utilize the direct source links provided at the end to obtain the most recent APK file, or use the download button above.
  2. Install it the same way you would any other third-party program by activating or permitting installation from “Unknown Sources” in your device’s security settings.
  3. If necessary, launch the program by entering the password MSC.
  4. Access any of the categories of hacks by going to the main menu, which will display them.
  5. You’ll have access to every cheat accessible. A pop-up with the word “Inject” will appear when you tap on the necessary cheat. Additionally, press “Yes” to stop the injection operation.
  6. MLBB is prepared to compete with more cheaters.


Ultimately, I would advise using an experimental account with this software because no hack will ever be flawless. You may switch to the primary one after you’re happy with the outcome, and you don’t get banned after a few usages. For skins and Maphack, I choose MSC Injector ApK. How are you doing? Enter your feedback in the field provided here. Additionally, sign up for our website’s daily update alerts. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website: Tiktok 18 + Apk .

Recall Skin Injector Apk Download for Android 2022

Recall Injector Apk
Apk File Details
App Name: Recall Injector
Developers: Glemar Gaming
Size: 7.2MB
Version: 5.4
Latest Updated: July 2022
Recall Injector ApK is present; it is now possible to keep your ML hero alive for a very long period. It offers you many free recalls and the newest and most potent avatars. You can win the MLBB game because your character acts like an immortal warrior. Interestingly, the most sought-after cheats are contained in a simple tool. You may choose the most recent file from this page for your Android game. We are all avid players of Mobile Legends. We are well aware of the different elements contributing to an avatar’s strength and effectiveness in combat. Skins, for example, are particularly helpful in this area. A professional outfit indicates that your hero has access to elite abilities. The Recalls are the second item to callback to your ML hero after his demise is its main purpose. It cost expensive diamonds to purchase in the original game. However, Recall Injector ApK can perform it for free if you lack the means to spend money on these diamonds or other game materials. This tool is mostly for appropriate recalls for ML characters that lack diamonds. You know the recall option is effective when your avatar gets shot and killed during the conflict. Give your favourite hero this durable trait right away. For all of your favourite MOBAs, like MarJoTech PH for MLBB, there is a tonne of injector APKs available on our website. Go look for some free goods. Let’s glance at the menu bar of this outstanding Mobile Legends: Bang Bang application.

Recall Injector ApK features include:

Before downloading this fantastic injector program, it’s crucial to be aware of the following crucial details:
  • You have access to several skin injectors and an unlimited number of calls.
  • No registration procedure must be followed.
  • Neither skins nor recalled animations need payment. It is accessible and completely free to use. As a result, subscription fees are not required.
  • This program is free of adverts, so it won’t take up too much of your time.
  • It is quite easy to use.
  • Since the software is smaller than most others, it won’t cause problems for your device.
  • On our website, many versions are available.
  • Provides the Anti-Ban option. It is, therefore, a reliable and secure program.

How can I get Recall Injector APK?

You should be aware that the Recall Injector APK is a third-party program and cannot be found on any official app store before installing it. However, don’t worry; we’ll assist you with it. You must first go into your Android device’s settings, select security/privacy, and turn on “Installation from Unknown sources.” Now that you’re prepared, you can easily download the Recall Injector APK. Therefore, click the “Get” icon to free download this incredible program with many features. Once the downloading procedure is complete, carry on and install it just as you would any other software. Once you are finished, watch your hero put on a fantastic performance in your ML game.


I hope you’ll find this post useful for using on your phone. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance by downloading the most recent and updated “Recall Injector APK” by clicking the URLs below. Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions or comments about the application. I think we’ll be able to help you out there. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website: APK Injectors.

Painted Skin Injector Apk Download for Android 2022

painted skin injector
Apk File Details
App Name: Painted-Skin-Injector-Apk
Developer TejJ Liit
Size: 36 MB
Version: 1.1
Latest Updated: July 21 2022
Painted Skin Injector Apk download to gain access to various free skins for characters from previous Mobile Legend games, like Fanny, Kagura, Gibson, Chow, Harley, and Hayabusa. The skins of heroes are often updated in mobile legends to make them more attractive and potent. The interest in this game is higher among diehard enthusiasts. Use Painted Skin Injector Apk if you want to use the free technique to give your ML figures some live wear. In fact, the green light has been given to some of your favourite heroes, like Fanny, Kagura, Gibson, Chow, Harley, Hayabusa, and more. Click on the direct link to obtain a copy of this miraculous utility without paying anything. Many users have expressed faith in it, and it performs to its full capacity. Additionally, you may access all of the skins in the app without rooting your device. Analyze the advantages unbiasedly. Since the game’s launch, numerous new characters have been introduced to the Assassins, Tanks, Dana, Support, Marksman, and Fighter groups in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Now, the conflict has hundreds of heroes. To make these heroes appear powerful and well-dressed, officials furnished the store with designer clothing. Any hero’s skin is available for purchase at any price. However, Tej Lit has created an app for painted skin injectors for all ML enthusiasts that keeps it amused for nothing on pricey skins. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a very popular Moba game, generates a remarkable amount of revenue while being available for free download and play. Like most modern video game producers, you can now monetize your app by buying skins, upgrades, and weaponry. Spending money on game enhancements might be beneficial if we want to climb the leaderboard. But many individuals don’t see the value of money on nice things. There are programmes like the Painted Skin Injector ApK if you’re one of those people who doesn’t want to spend any money on skins but doesn’t want to keep them. Terje Lit’s growth is thought to unlock and include a few skins into the game. Installing the app and selecting the skins you wish to add to your ML account are the only steps required. For Gasson, there are presently three distinct skins available, and there are a few more for the other game’s protagonists, including Hayabusa, Fanny, Kagura, and Harley. This Painted Skin Injector Apk, as the name implies, provides several selected heroes with colourful or vibrant clothing. You can gather strong bodies for Guyson, Haibusa, Chow, Carrie, Fanny, Kagura, Harley, and other characters. Of course, if you’ve played the game for a while, you’re already familiar with these character traits. Wear amazing clothing as soon as possible to unlock these incredible heroes.

Painted Skin Injector ApK’s features include:

  • Utilize Painted Skin ML to unlock every purchased attire or skin.
  • Win ML gems for nothing.
  • Every update adds the most recent outfit.
  • anti-ban function
  • Time restriction for skin increased.
  • Obtain skins from the prior event.
  • 22+ different skin tones.
  • Includes the newest hero attire.
  • It’s not necessary to have root access.
  • It is accessible for use in geography.
  • pleasant user interface.

How can I get Painted Skin Injector ApK and install it?

The most advantageous choice is to download directly from your browser. A useful illustrated tutorial for downloading APK files is provided below.
  1. The Download button is underneath. Tap it.
  2. The download page will now be displayed to you. The APK file may be downloaded, or the Play Store can be used to install it.
  3. Click Painted Skin Injector ApK Download.
  4. Depending on the settings you have for your browser, a confirmation box will appear.
  5. Once more, tap Download to save the file to your smartphone.


Among the more than 100 heroes in Mobile Legends, a select number are the favourites of millions of players. They make a lot of effort each time to unlock those specific characters and their costumes to improve battle skills. Everyone cannot use these resources because they are purchased in this action game. However, Painted Skin Injector ApK is a welcome development for those in need. Do you frequently look for the same sort of tool? Your ability to be patient has run out. Install this injector exclusively, and secure your triumph. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website: APK Injectors.

DL Gaming Injector Apk Download for Android 2022

Dl Gaming Injector apk
Apk File Details
App Name: dl gaming injector
Developer: DL Gaming
Size: 5.1 MB
Version: 13.0
Latest Updated: July 2022
DL Gaming Injector ApK software has every function that a gamer could need or want. After using this program, I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, you may look in our tool area for the most popular items. Several injectors typically cease functioning when Mobile Legends receives an update, especially when developers upgrade the game to the next season. As part of our ongoing effort to provide the greatest tools available, we have developed the new Android software DL Gaming Injector APK, which is also perfectly tuned for the current season. What are you still holding out for? The utility is available below. Many people I know, including some of my friends, struggle to raise their Mobile Legends ranking. You may easily suggest these anti-ban techniques to those players so they can quickly accomplish their in-game objectives. The rank booster function is unique in this case. Still, one may also enhance their visual appearance by using other premium skins that have not yet been unlocked. EZ Hunter FC and MarjoTech PH are combined in the DL Gaming Injector ApK. Yes, it appears the creator took a lot of inspiration from those two. However, this is the ideal answer for individuals who desire to receive bought items for free. In addition to many other features, it includes special material such as Skins, Recalls, Battle Effects, Eliminate Effects, Rank Boosting Options, and Drone View. It is created by a developer from the Philippines who frequently uploads videos to YouTube out of pure love. Because the person behind it wishes to remain secret, he avoided using his real identity on social media platforms. Who matters about his name, right? We need dependable features for the Mobile Legends game so we can have fun. Is it not? Given that both injectors have practically identical features and products, I can state that this DL Gaming Injector ApK is an excellent rival to the EZ Month. So, deciding between them is up to you, but we advise going with DL Injector as it is not yet widely used. As a result, the Moonton is less likely to catch us.

DL Gaming Injector features:

A comprehensive set of incredible features are included in the DL Gaming Injector apk. A brief overview of some of this hacking tool’s best attributes follows.
  • Unlock all ML characters’ skins and outfits.
  • More than 31 fight emotes are available to you.
  • You may personalize the background screen with up to 24 Backdrop lobby selections.
  • Get border avatars, player ranking power ups, and more than 30 unique analogue settings.
  • Occupies little room on the Android smartphone.
  • Supports a 10x zoom for drone views.
  • Enjoy effects like “poison,” “summer,” “gala,” “everlasting,” etc.
  • Has a powerful anti-ban plugin that is integrated and simple to inject.

Downloading DL Gaming Injector Apk is simple:

Many websites promise to provide free access to a variety of comparable hacking tools. However, those websites really sell phoney and tainted apps. What are people supposed to do in this situation if everyone is lying and providing faulty files? If you find yourself in such a situation, we advise people to put their faith in our website. Because we only provide free access to real and original Apk files. Please click on the following download link to access the most recent version of DL Gaming Injector ApK.


You are familiar with how Mobile Legends’ DL Gaming Injector works. Do you not consider it to be a comprehensive all-in-one injector? You may now demonstrate your abilities as a super gamer while possessing all of these keys to costly items. There’s no need to be concerned about your account because it won’t cause you any problems. In conclusion, you should use this injector to strengthen your combat skills and talents. We freely provided the most recent and working file. Click to take ownership of the software. Download DL Gaming APK straight from the URL provided below. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website: APK Injectors.

Cosmic Injector Apk v2.2 Download for Android 2022

cosmic injector apk
Apk File Details
App Name: Cosmic Injector Android
Developer: Cosmix
Size: 18MB
Version: 2.2
Latest Updated: 15 July 2022
Cosmic Injector Apk must be downloaded if you’re hunting for the top and cost-free ml skin anal king software. It is an Android app that functions with every tablet and smartphone. The Cosmic Injector Apk may be downloaded from this link. For your accounts in the Mobile Legends game has a big selection of skins you may unlock for no cost. These accounts, however, cannot be cancelled or erased. However, you don’t have to take it off or remove it; you may use various costumes and heroes. For people who want free access to mobile legend skins, Cosmic Injector Apk is a blessing. This app includes all the characters, heroes, and skins found in the game. Therefore, you won’t need to pay much for it or spend any gems. Although this is immoral, we do not advise anyone to use such programs. All Android phones and tablets are compatible with this ML Skin Injector. You should be aware that it will function on a gadget that allows you to play the game without difficulty. Fortunately, the majority of low-end devices are supported by the game. So, I doubt you won’t run into these issues. Install the app once it has been downloaded to your phone. You may utilize the publicly accessible third-party program Cosmic Injector Apk to use it for cash. However, you cannot use this trick to unlock several really costly and paid-for skins in the game. The most costly heroes and outfits you cannot unlock with an ML skin injector are about 10 or 12. But possibly in later versions, the authorities will also make these outfits available. Over 1 billion people have played the 5v5 smartphone game Mobile Legend Bang Bang. As a result, it has a sizable user base, and its primary sources of income are paid items. Here on this website, we’ve made the Cosmic Injector App’s most recent version accessible. You may download it to your smartphone if you’re interested. You can find a direct download link for the recently updated app at the bottom of this post.

Cosmic Injector ApK has the following features:


High-end skins, such as elite, special, epic, and starlight.


Free recollections of the heroic, epic, and classical types.

New Features

There will be a lot of new features shortly.


Simple and simple to use

Dark Skin

Beautiful dark mode user interface.


Soon, maps will be made accessible.

Supported ML

Useful for every Android device that supports ML


Use is free

Anti Ban

Anti-ban will helps you to getting anit ban

No root

No root access Currently, this injector app only supports a fifth of the 103 ML heroes. This software may estimate how much money you can save and take advantage of desired amenities for the home. Additionally, there are no complicated steps in using it; all you have to do is choose one of the products and click INJECT to answer the app’s request for confirmation. After that, launch Mobile Legends and enjoy the added cheat.

How to Download and Install Cosmic Injector Apk:

  1. Get the URL, then download and set up Cosmix Injector APK.
  2. Now check out the choices by opening the menu.
  3. Select a hero and collect all of his skins, excluding the murderer.
  4. For instance, even the priciest skins may get the yearly star.
  5. Download the desired skin, then inject it.
  6. All gone. However, you may still play with heroes that have been changed.


If you’ve been looking for a tool like that for a while. Then, end your quest since the current edition of Cosmic Injector ApK will do every essential task without cost. Don’t forget to check our website frequently since we frequently post such incredible Apks. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website: Haya FF Injector apk, Pubg Injector Apk, Diamond Injector ML Apk   APK Injectors.

Mykkie Skin Injector APK Download Free for Android 2022

Mykkie Skin Injector APK
Apk File Details
App Name: Mykkie Skins
Developer: Mykkie
Size: 22.2MB
Version: 28
Latest Updated: July 12 2022
Mykkie Skin Injector APK, a fantastic hacking tool that gives you access to the greatest ML incredible skins and tools, is what we’re sharing with you today. You are completely uncharged for this. You can also get the greatest combat effects and hacks with Mykkie Skin Injector APK. You may get this fantastic software for free by clicking the link below. You can solve your troubles using the Mykkie Skin Injector APK. You may now quickly unlock any skin you want. Users won’t have trouble utilizing the app because it is so simple. There are no registration requirements for you to fulfill. The password you will need to use the app will be provided after this presentation. All the hero skins will be available to you, including those for mages, tanks, assassins, fighters, support, and sharpshooters. It would be best if you merely chose the hero for whom you want skins when you see the visual skins option. The injection procedure will begin after you choose it. Mykkie Skin Injector APK makes the greatest emotes available to you, which you can effortlessly include in your games. The injection won’t take very long, and your screen will show you the whole procedure as it happens. Only a few injectors offer combat emotes, but this tool offers the best ones the game has to offer. You may use the finest recall effects provided by the program as you choose. Only professional players employ the recall effect since it is so pricey. The prices are too high for average gamers to pay. Now, you may get any effect. The most recent version also includes the fabled recall effects. There are still a few things being worked on for this app; they will be included in the upcoming versions. The Analog and Custom maps are still under development. They are being added as quickly as feasible by the developers.

Mykkie Skin Injector APK features include:


  • Pay for character skins that represent each character.

Free to Use

  • You are free to use any premium map you want while using custom maps.

Unlimited Use

  • Unlimited combat emotes let you express your feelings throughout a battle.
  • The background may be changed using analogs.

Recall Option

  • The recalls option gets your imitation friends back.

Simple Injector

  • It employs a simple injection technique.


  • It offers its services gratis.

New and Free

  • It’s a newer, free version.

Anti Ban

  • It features a strong anti-ban mechanism.

Mykkie Skin Injector APK Download and Installation Instructions:

  1. Start by downloading the most recent APK for Android.
  2. Before beginning the installation procedure, go to “SETTINGS > SECURITY > UNKNOWN SOURCES” and enable it.
  3. Install the app next.
  4. When the system requests your permission, click the installation button.
  5. The APK icon will appear on your smartphone’s home screen after the installation procedure is complete.
  6. The program should then be “Opened.”
  7. Now enter MYKKIE as the password.
  8. Now select the skins of your preferred heroes (Tank, Assassin, Mage, Fighter, Support, Marksman) by clicking on “VISUAL SKINS.”
  9. Then, inject after selecting “any skins.”
  10. Hold off for a few minutes.
  11. Appreciate applications


The number of injectors available to MOBA players is listed on our website. However, Mykkie Skin Injector APK is the most reliable and versatile hacking tool. Please contact us if you encounter any issues when installing or using the software. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website: Warlito Skins Apk,  Hacker Baba ApkDiamond Injector Apk APK Injectors.

Genesis ML Skin Injector APK Free Download for Android 2022

Genesis ML Injector APK
Apk File Details
App Name: Genesis AG injector
Developer: Genesis
Size: 7.4MB
Version: 8
Latest Updated: July 2022
Genesis ML Injector APK Player knows that ML releases a new version and changes its system monthly. Each new edition is enhanced by adding new features and improved usability. You would know better than I do that developers always make each tool significantly better than other tools if you are a machine learning player using or utilizing injector tools in your ML. Additionally, every tool has qualities that set it apart from other tools and a wide range of other things. And every tool adds different functions and does much more than other tools. Every tool is also developed by the most recent game version. The earlier tools won’t function with the most recent version of the game if it is upgraded. And the old tools will be forgotten. I will show this brand-new Genesis ML Injector APK based on the most recent game version. A customized Injector app for an ML is also what Genesis ML Injector APK is. Still, we can’t just call it an injector. Let’s refer to it as a market for ML gaming goods. The greatest skins, maps, noises, drone views, sounds, effects, and other precious components for mobile legends are all provided together in one place. I hope these features will satisfy your gaming needs and wants. There is one aspect of this software that merits praise: its longevity. Thousands of tools are only produced for a particular period or version. But with each new version, Genesis ML Injector APK starts and adds new MLBB products and features to the app. It updates itself every week. Additionally, the program will update itself with any game changes. To determine whether you can download this app to your smartphone, see if it has Android 5+ RAM. It will operate flawlessly on your phone if your mobile device has Android 5+ installed. Additionally, if your smartphone has less RAM than Android 5+, it won’t function properly. So be sure to handle this. Check out all of its features below now. It’s interesting how this software offers three distinct sorts of custom skins. The two groups of skins are “Skins for file” and “Skins for ABC file” labels are present. You must select the appropriate category for yourself. Additionally, it offers a variety of custom maps with unique drone perspectives for each map that can be used to alter the fight scenario with new animations. Additionally, it enables players to switch out their gaming lobby for some visually appealing photos. Genesis ML Injector APK offers all elements required to raise MLBB players’ game ranks. This program makes it simple for beginners to advance to their desired level.

Genesis ML Injector APK’s features include:

  • Skins All ML Skins; Custom Skin for All.

  • Western Expanse, Celestial Palace, Imperial, and Magic Chess are custom maps.

  • Sound ML; Blue Bird Backsound, Backup to Normal, Backsound Lobby.

  • Drone View A Fresh drone view.

  • Background: Girl, Team RRQ, Zero Two, Analog, Border, and All Background.

  • Recall, Elimination, Emote, and Spawn are effects of battle.

The tricks mentioned above cover the game’s primary fields, and you can easily locate many free resources with them. It provides a fallback option for every change that returns you to the original configuration.

Other Characteristics:

  • Fix the loading issue.

  • Fix the pink bug map.

  • Group on WhatsApp.

  • Rules for every hack.

  • Simple and free MLBB application.

  • Anti-ban.

  • Little in scale.

How Do I Download While Using Genesis ML Injector APK?

Run Genesis ML Injector APK when the installation procedure is finished. When you launch the app, a list of all the features will appear. Select the skins or other items you want by clicking on them. It can be clicked to reveal a successful notice. Open ML right now to get all of the premium features.
  1. Turn “Unknown Sources” on in the settings on your smartphone.

  2. Click the downloaded file after that.

  3. It should be “installed” with all necessary rights.

  4. Await the installation procedure to be finished.

  5. It can be used once it has been installed.


Overall, the software is fantastic and has many helpful features that will assist you in excelling in MLBB. Genesis ML Injector APK’s newest version, genesis ml v10 & v8.2, would be ideal if you’re seeking an app that helps you beat your rivals and boost your position in MLBB. So, for free on Android smartphones, download the app. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website:  Kuroyama Injector Apk,     Pubg Injector Apk

Riyan Injector APK Free Download for Android 2022

Riyan Injector APK
Apk File Details
App Name: Riyan Injector APK
Developer Ngapak ml
Size: 6MB
Latest Updated: july 2022
Riyan Injector Apk is an Android-based application built exclusively for ML player enthusiasts to help them play. The first is that you may access all award word lines for free because they are all present on the official server. The Riyan Injector App is another thing. You may use it as a hack and cheat in the game for convenience and entertainment. Mobile Legend Bang Bang’s current iteration is extremely quick and looking for players that will soon be employing a third-stage injector. Your KML account may be banned if you use one injector. In this scenario, you will receive Riyan Injector (Ryan X ML), which will enable you to conceal your account from the mobile account Bang Bang system. Because all players must keep an ML account, which is highly significant. Many gamers are unaware of the injectors that are appropriate for the game and those that are not. Because the manufacture of injector devices at the current moment involves everyone, it is endless. The best injector to use for this has become a challenging issue. Nevertheless, I apply Riyan Injector to my ML accounts. It’s a remarkable injector, in my opinion. I haven’t used any injector tools for the game since I received this injector, which dramatically transformed how I play. For mobile legend games, Riyan Injector Apk is an ML. is tool for hacking. This tool’s primary purposes include protecting skins and providing effects such as drone view, analog pictures, and backdrop images. The creators included the app’s anti-ban function to increase its effectiveness. However, the majority of hackers are well-versed in hacking tools. But few are familiar with the primary methodology and application. The anti-ban function of the gadget is immediately triggered as soon as it is given. This will conceal the device’s IP address and IMEI number, two of its most crucial credentials. As a result, key information, which is largely used to restrict devices and accounts, is never found by servers. The Riyan Injector Apk Free Skins are the program’s most favored and utilized aspect. Yes, most players favor having a large selection of skins with various effects. Experts have also included these call lab back effects into the software to make it more captivating. This will give the skins an additional star feature. Therefore, when you are prepared to investigate and utilize premium hacking features. Then download the most recent version of Riyan Injector Apk to take advantage of infinite free hacks.

Features of the Riyan Injector App:

  • Open all Skins.
  • Recall of EFEK.
  • Combat Emote.
  • Magical Map Chess.
  • Open Analog.
  • Aerial View.
  • Map unlocks.
  • Personal Background
  • Free download.
  • It needs a password to be opened.
  • Easy to use interface
  • updated to work with MLBB.
These are the latest scams in this potent injector, then. The backdrop of the menu, profile, and loading screen may all be changed. The drone may be used on any map, regardless of its quality or range. You may see a restriction of these elements in the ML’s basic version. Make an investment in the form of in-game diamonds if you wish to compete against stronger players at higher levels. To obtain these pleasures, ultimately pay a fee to the retailer.

How can I install and download the Riyan Injector?

  1. To download, simply click the button below.
  2. Your Android device will download and install the APK.
  3. Go to Security after opening Settings.
  4. Accept unreliable sources.
  5. The APK file is located on your phone.
  6. Install New Riyan Injector APK and then adhere to the directions.
  7. Disabling unknown sources is the next step, which is optional but advised.
  8. Please contact us if you experience any issues while installing Riyan Injector Apk.


The greatest and most dependable third-party plugin for injecting several ML hacking scripts up to this point is Riyan Injector. Get the most recent version from this page if you’ve been looking for a tool of this caliber. Enjoy free injections of several Skins and Effects as well. From the URL provided below, get the Riyan Injector Apk for your Android devices. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website: APK Injectors.

Zion Injector APK Latest v1.1 Free for Android 2022

Zion Injector
Apk File Details
App Name: Zion Injector APK
Developer Zion Official
Size: 6MB
Version: 1.1
Latest Updated: August 2022
Zion Injector is the biggest and most popular instrument on the market. The tool has many features that are very well-liked among MLBB players. Everyone who plays video games wants to have premium resources put into their account. The application offers premium resources without charge. These hobbies are popular pastimes for people. It is an injector tool that is free and gives you access to all skins, drone views, map designs, recall, emotes, and analogs in MLBB (Mobile Legends Bang Bang). Most people believe MLBB is the most popular and exclusive combat arena worldwide. Zion Injector users have limitless access to it and are always trying to unlock new content, but they are unsuccessful. Zion injector is therefore available to you. In ML, you may access all the premium services and goods. You should know the significance of skins in MLBB if you play often. Probably the greatest skins may increase the visibility of your ML account and bring you fame. Beginners of mobile legends will appreciate this software at the greatest level. Using this software, amateur players may compete with experts. Zion Injector users will receive a wide variety of Mobile Legends (ML) skins, analogs, emotes, recalls, and other items. Without a doubt, this tool is obsolete. You will find it to be quite useful when gaming. However, it would help if you remembered that this tool requires a password. Below, I’ll go through some more features from the most recent version, v1.1. You cannot use Zion Injector without a password since the app’s creator password protects the app. Zion Injector is ineffective without a password. Additionally, figuring out the password is a chore. Do not be concerned. We are giving you the password for free. Passwords allow access to the app’s hidden features. Take note of that password, then use your app. Login name: ZION OFFICIAL. This brand-new software for MLBB games was created by an experienced developer only for their enjoyment. Such challenges are finished for players who don’t attempt to get the most expensive things. For several Ml characters, Zion Injector offers lots of free goods. Additionally, you may ask the developer to include any specific skins that aren’t already included in the app. His injector is used by millions of individuals to enhance their gaming experience.

Features of Zion Injector:

  • ML skins for the Assassin, Fighter, Tank, Mage, Marksman, and Support classes are free.
  • Flying View.
  • Effects of a recall are included.
  • Magical Map Chess.
  • Combat Emote.
  • Distinct and distinctive analog.
  • Lobby changes
  • Various Backgrounds Are Available.
  • Effects of elimination as in RIP.
  • Download and use are both free.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • simple UI
  • useful for both rooted and non-rooted smartphones.
  • And a lot more.

How To Download and Install Zion Injector:

  1. First, download the Zion Injector APK file using the “Download” button at the top of the page or the links provided at the bottom of this post.
  2. Remember to enable “Unknown Sources” by going to your settings. Install it without difficulty after that.
  3. To see its outstanding features, open it.
  4. Enter the password ZION OFFICIAL, which is listed below.
  5. Simply click on them to inject the skins and other available hacks. This demonstrates how basic it is.
  6. Use it freely and be ready to wow your MLBB rivals.


In Mobile Legends Bang Bang, it might be challenging to obtain hero skins. Forget about it if there isn’t any actual investment. But you need to get this thing. Utilizing Zion Injector is a superior option because it is the right program for this usage. It is trouble-free and provides genuine delight without any demands. You may get this reliable program by clicking the download button. Most likely, Zion Injector will touch your heart. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit Diamond injector, Pubg Injector apk, Haya Injector apk

AG Injector Apk Skin Download for Android 2022

ag injector apk
Apk File Details
App Name: AG Injector Android
Developer Aneh Gaming
Size: 5MB
Version: 6.0
Latest Updated: 30 July 2022
AG Injector APK is a free Android utility program that can be used to unlock premium skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Battle points can be acquired without having to play or spend diamonds or cash to gain them. You only need to launch this tool and choose the hero skin you wish to utilize. The owner of Aneh Gaming, tejJ, created AG Injector as a unique build for his YouTube subscribers. Additionally, this generates some optimism for the advancement of the Aneh Gaming Injector APK. Many YouTubers merely provide instructions on how to play games. Still, very few people can do mental miracles. One of them is Aneh, who works as both an android developer and a gamer. He developed the AG Injector APK tool to reward the devotion of his members by enabling them to get the skins of numerous ML characters. Although it is an unofficial program, AG Injector instantly unlocks skins for the different Mobile Legends heroes. This makes playing with your favorite cosmetics really simple. New skins are regularly added to the cosmetics library through AG Injector updates, which you may use to acquire new skins. This allows players to download costumes for every member of the Mobile Legends cast instead of waiting for all new things to be uploaded to the app. The procedure of downloading a cosmetic is quick and simple, taking only a few seconds. Your file storage is used by the application for this. It does not gather or transmit any of your data to the developers. All skin types are shown on the same page to assist you in choosing. The user interface puts all the necessary tools at your fingertips so that you can immediately begin downloading cosmetics. Characters are listed, and picking one will show all the available installable goods. The fact that the program is unofficial puts you at risk for viruses and a possible account ban from Mobile Legends if the developers decide to take action against anyone using it.

Features of an AG Injector:

  • Certain characters have access to particular skins.
  • You can easily insert many skin kinds into the game.
  • You can obtain your preferred epic legend skin without investing any money.
  • No restrictions; you can always get more skins.
  • You can preview a skin by clicking on its title before applying it.
  • Less likelihood of account suspension.
  • There is no requirement to register.
  • Malware and viruses have been removed.
  • Incredibly simple to use.
Each character that comes with the game has a variety of skins. The list of character skins that the app currently supports is below.

How can I install, use, and download AG Injector APK?

The option available above allows you to download the AG Injector APK. You must install it in the phone’s memory after downloading. Therefore, to ensure a hassle-free installation, follow the instructions below.
  1. Find the installation of unknown sources under settings.
  2. You can install the app immediately if it is enabled.
  3. If the answer is no, go to download manager and enable installation from untrusted sources.
  4. By selecting the next option, locate the AG Injector application and install it.
  5. This app’s icon will show up on the home screen.
  6. Open the app and grant the required access.
  7. Use your account to log in and choose your preferred skins.
  8. The screen will display a variety of skins. Choose the ones you want to be unlocked.
  9. To add all the chosen skins to your game, click the inject button at the end.


It really is easy to get new, amazing skins in the Mobile Legends game. The AG Injector APK file for your Android phone is now available for download. Additionally, you can download fascinating apps from our website. You can choose from tens of thousands of applications. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website: APK Injectors.

Yasin Gaming Injector Apk Free Download for Android 2022

Yasin Gaming Injector
Apk File Details
App Name: Yasin Gaming Injector
Developer Ahmad
Size: 12MB
Version: 1.7
Latest Updated: july 2022
Yasin Gaming Injector APK is the most recent and greatest ML injector for Android users, allowing them to change Mobile Legend games on Android devices without spending any money. Since all portable legends provide limitless in-game options for bang-bang players, this APK Injector is valuable. A third-party program called Yasin Injector unlocks all the skins for you without requiring much further work or costing you any money. You’ll get access to all of the premium features of this software, which is fantastic for you. Therefore, save your money by downloading our most recent application, Yasin Gaming Injector APK, rather than spending it on opening these features. The program contains many options to help you acquire all the skins and gems for your Mobile Legends account. Millions of people play MOBA games and are all looking for injector applications online. Because it includes an internet server, this application is relatively small. Once you hit the inject button, all records will be retrieved from the server. Ultimately, it doesn’t use all of those resources from your Android device. Yasin Gaming Injector, in my opinion, might be a useful program to alter records in MLBB. You might be astonished to learn that by utilizing this program, you can acquire more than 30 different types of emotes for your MLBB game—all for free. So the following time, you can use as many emote as you want to interact with other players. The incredible effects that you witness during battles are the following topic. Effects on attacks, eliminations, spawning, recalls, etc., are frequently produced. Therefore, you can use this Yasin Gaming Injector if you want your effects to be there. Get the most updated Yasin Gaming Injector APK for Android, and you’ll be able to inject all the skins and jewels you need to improve your place in the finest ML game. Yes, you can currently see all of your game’s skins. Additionally, this program assists you in winning games. You may now play your game effectively with Yasin Gaming Injector Apk’s improved version.

Yasin Gaming Injector features include:

  • a tiny package full of fascinating materials.
  • No registration or human verification is necessary.
  • No integration of personal data.
  • Effects on spawn and notification.
  • Injects the skin swiftly using an internet server.
  • Free updated skin costumes.
  • Encourage your favorite MLBB player.
  • The quick and reliable injection technique.
  • The software was password-protected.
  • No pop-ups or advertisements.

How to Install Yasin Gaming Injector after Downloading It:

  • Download the most recent APK for your Android device first.
  • Before starting the installation, activate the “SETTINGS > SECURITY > UNKNOWN SOURCES” option.
  • Install the app next.
  • When the system requests your permission, simply click the installation button.
  • When the installation process is complete, the APK icon will appear on your smartphone’s home screen.
  • The app should then be “Opened.”
  • The password entered so far is “Odading.”
  • Inject now and enjoy the applications.

Supported Devices:



Numerous cheating programs have been released to alter Mobile Legends. However, none of them are reliable. Yasin Gaming Injector is the best option if you’re looking for a new tool that can grant you free access to hero skins. Your device has a secure app. However, as it’s a hacking tool, you should exercise caution when using these applications. Therefore, you may now experience ML hacks on your account by downloading the Yasin Gaming Injector APK file’s latest updated version for free. If you want to know more about the injectors, visit our website: APK Injectors